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3Ib3o83Ha5Ka5F55Mdd226fe141363f5012e5Patrick Miller:  Licensed Since 2004 after passing the national certification exam for therapeutic massage and bodywork by NCBTMB.

Patrick’s focus is often more therapeutic vs just relaxing. He has an extensive knowledge in therapeutic massage including deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching giving great insight with pain management, injury prevention & recovery, stress relief, and sports care. Whether from training, exercise, the weekend warrior, or from an accident be it on the job, a car wreck, at home or somewhere else, He’s got the experience. Even a repetitive stress injury – active or sedentary – is commonly his focus.  He’s worked several years in an actual doctors office with both chiropractors and medical doctors. Specific jobs have included Cirque du Soleil, Mary Poppins, Abhann Productions Riverdance: The international Irish dance phenomenon, as well as numerous solo performers.

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