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Infant * Chair Massage * Sports * Rehabilitation * Pain
Reduction * Fibromialgia * Onsite/Outcall(*)* and more…

  • Swedish:  Most common form of massage. Involved with flowing movements to relax the recipient and ease aches and pain.
  • Deep Tissue: Is designed to work deeply into the muscles and through the fascia to release chronically shortened/tense muscles. Releases toxic buildup and allows nutrients to feed the muscles
  • Reflexology: Work on the hands, feet, ears, and/or the abdomen that stimulated corresponding areas of the body.
  • Foot & Hand Massage: Work the tension out of your hands and feet after a long day. We often mix reflexology into our foot and hand massages and vice versa by default we work what we encounter given available time.
  • Prenatal: Pregnancy massage can help with circulation, flexibility, mood, reduce stress and assist with the general health of mother and baby.
  • Trigger Point Therapy & Neuromuscular therapy: Similar to deep tissue, but works on specific points and muscle sets. Unlike deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy may require light pressure to be effective or get a pain response. This restores the nerve pathways, releases trigger points, and works the sources of referred pain.
  • Myofascial Release (Connective tissue work): Designed to release adhesions and stretch the fascia (connective tissue) that connects the skin, muscles, bones, organs and other body structures.
  • Thai
  • Stretching: Stretching and muscle energy techniques (PNF Stretching) are used to lengthen and reeducate muscles and can relieve the pain caused by the extra tension.
  • Acupressure
  • Hot Stone: Basalt stones are heated and used to deeply penetrate into and relax the muscles. Often less pressure is needed, but a longer session time is required.
  • Couples Massage: You and your Spouse or Friend can have a massage at the same time (Note If you want them in the same room limited times are available for a charge)
  • Shadow/Tandem Massage: Have 4 hands massaging you at the same time. This is an ultimate experience which is overwhelming for some people
  • Infant: Studies show accelerated development and improved functions and mood in infants who get massage
  • Chair Massage: A form of massage performed fully dressed. It is typically short 5-20 minutes in length. Often used for on site massages such as at an event, park, or office. It is an effect form of massage when time and/or location is limited, but lacks the ability to fully work through many issues.
  • Sports: Is performed different than most massage. Rather than working out issues, it helps the athlete warm up, get the blood flowing, and stretch out before an event. Stay warmed up during an event. And cool down after an event. These are also performed on location.
  • Rehabilitation: Following an injury or after years of worsening problems massage is used to help recover from the problems that have developed. The methods used include many of the items listed on this page.
  • Pain Reduction: Massage has been shown to reduce pain. It does this by restoring normal muscle function, increasing flexibility and range of motion, and may be effective in increasing endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.
  • Fibromialgia: Massage has been shown to improve the clients response to fibromialgia. A lot depends on what works for each client. Typically lighter pressure is used if there is a risk of flair up. Firm pressure can typically used to the edge of tolerance to give the client several days of reduced pain. This time varies, but may get longer with continued treatments.
  • Onsite/Outcall: Many services are available on a location at a site that is provided by you the client.
  • Improved general health and wellbeing: Massage can be effective in relieving stress, reducing blood pressure, improved healing, enhancing immune system function, increasing blood circulation, reducing stress, and improving mood.