What to expect

All sessions are non-sexual. You may be charged and asked to leave if you make advancements during a session.
If you must cancel, please call asap. 24 hour notice is preferred, but 2 hours is better than no notice.


  • Please arrive on-time your session may be cut short if another session is scheduled after your. If you do not call or arrive your therapist may leave, and you will be responsible for paying for the session.
  • On out-calls All Effort is made to space massages out to allow plenty of time between massages to allow for enough travel time. However due to the traffic and other travel conditions, please allow fifteen minutes of leeway to allow your therapist to arrive. You will still get the time you scheduled & pay for. (Feel free to call your therapist to assist with travel directions and estimated arrival time)
  • If it is imperative that you be done at a certain time please let your therapist know, and schedule out-calls at least fifteen minutes early.


  • Upon arrival you will be asked to sign in and tell us what issues you have, and your goals for the session.
  • If it is your first visit we will ask for a health history please allow 5-10 minutes to complete this.
  • We will discuss what you have told us as it pertains to the session.
Basic room setup. Notice the bolster on the lower left. This goes under the ankles when face down, and knees when face up.

Getting on the table:

  • Your therapist will leave the room so you can privately disrobe.
    (For most sessions skin contact is preferred. You may leave your underwear on if you prefer)
  • kbacksmPlease get between the sheets. You are required to be covered at all times except for the area being worked.
  • Most of our therapists ask that you start face down.

During the Massage:klegsm


  • Music will be playing, and the lights will be dimmed.
  • Relax (be like a rag doll. If we need you to move, we will ask you to move.) This allows us to work easier into the muscles, and makes for a more enjoyable, relaxing, and productive session.
  • A bolster/pillow will normally be placed either under you ankles or knees for your comfortBasic setup of one of the rooms
  • Various techniques will be used from the services page.
  • Communicate! This is very important.
    • Each person is different, and each session is custom.
      (your first session may include more talking that other sessions so we can learn what works for you, and inform you on what we are doing.)
    • The therapist is highly skilled at feeling problems, but we may kleg2smover look issues important to you or focus on something that is not important if you do not tell us.
    • We may use pressure that does not work for you. If something does not feel right let us know. A massage does not need to be painful!
    • We can adjust the pressure firmer or less.
    • See common phrases and definitions (coming soon)
  • You will be covered except for the areas being worked at that time. Let us know if you want certain areas avoided or covered while we work that area. (i.e. the glutes an important area to work if you have back or leg issues)
  • Breath!!! Breathing helps the muscles relax while being  worked.
    It is especially important if the pressure becomes intense but you like it and want the therapist to continue working. Intense is what some call “good pain”. Your session does not need to be painful…Breathing can help, and as mentioned above let us know if its not working or what you want.


After the massage:

  • The therapist will leave the room, and let you relax.
  • If you need extra time to relax and/or dress let your therapist know before the session.
  • Tips are appreciated
  • Remember to drink plenty of water. Especially today after we flushed the tissue, and released waste and toxins.
  • Water: We refer you to articles that suggest you to regularly drink about 1/2 your body weight in ounces or at least 8-8oz glasses per day. More if you drink caffeine or alcohol.


  • We do not prescribe anything.
  • Always consult a Doctor and follow their instructions with regard to your health.
  • Make your own informed choices based on your own research and discussions with your Dr.

For more info see Tips… Massage is like going to the gym