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Massage Therapy Standard Price list

Therapeutic  Massage

First session includes an additional introductory consultation at the beginning of the session (Generally no need to come early, but if you have complex issues, make sure to allow your session to run long, and let your therapist know when you schedule)

30/60/90 Minute1
 Spa/Basic therapeutic massage:

All massages are therapeutic, but if you are using a prescription additional requirements apply.
(See Medical massage below)
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*These are our standard massages. Tipping is not required, but is appreciated on  standard massages

  • $45
  • $75
  • $105
Medical Massage:

  • No tipping
  • Medical Grade… complete with detailed vs basic medical notes if requested at the time of service.
  • FSA/Flexible Spending Account Friendly… By offering a fixed price you can deduct it via your FSA account2.
    (Also HSA/Health Saving Account)
  • Sample/Simple prices based on 2, 3, 5 CPT units of  27140 as discounted by most insurance companies.
    (30/45/75 minutes +/-)
  • $58
  • $87
  • $145
Limited out call options are available <Call for details>

Speed up and simplify your first visit by completing your medical history before arriving.  (Download and print the intake form here)

Early or late appointments: anything running past 7pm* or starting before 9 am are full price ($10 more) {*4 pm Saturday and Sunday)

Two hour sessions are available on a limited basis and runs $195
(Call to schedule)


  • An introductory discount is offered to allow you to try the services. The goal is to customize the service to you. Please help make each session the best it can be by evaluating and discussing your needs, progress and session both before and after each session. Make sure to request the discount when scheduling. not all times qualify for discounts.  First time discount: $10 off your first session, OR 50% off your second session 7-30 days following your first session when purchased before you leave (If unused, it is general dollar for dollar credit to any future session). coupon .
  • Cash: save 5% when paying cash.
  • Check in discount: Save $5  (1 hour or longer). As an encouragement for overall health, a $5 discount is available for self care. If you visit a chiropractor, yoga, or other approved service within 10 days of your massage.  Check-in at that location and our location to double it to $10. (Facebook, Google+, Yelp, Foursquare, etc.)
  • -S- Discount: If you are a Student, Starving artist, or Service industry, we have discount just for you.
  • To keep our prices affordable, we do not have a Groupon type deal.
  • Most discounts are only available M-F 9-4


  1. 30/60/90 Minutes room time
    1. 25 Minutes Hands on: 5 Minutes to get on and off  the table.
    2. 50-55 Minutes hands on: 5 minutes to get on the table, and 5 minutes to get off the table.
    3. 75-80 Minutes hands on: 5 minutes to get on the table, 5 minutes to relax following the massage, and 5 minutes to get up and off the table.
    4. For a complete description of hands on time, please see the massage time page.
  2. Please consult a tax consultant and plan administrator for deductability and plan requirements. An email receipt is provided when you pay with your FSA, HSA, or other credit card.
  3. 27124 & 27140  are CPT codes describing medical services. They are an industry standard defining the services provided, and used to communicate to other professionals and insurance companies what services were provided.