Session Tips…. Massage is like going to the gym

Three quick but basic  tips:

Communicate – Breath – Hydrate

In general, massage like going to the gym:

While its not always active or a “workout”, but it can be. How much it is depends on the goals you have laid out. Here are some ways they are similar…

  • They are both best done regularly.
  • They complement but do not replace each other
    • help tone muscles
    • keep muscles and other tissues healthy
  • If you really work a muscle it may be sore the next day. It usually feels good, but drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, and when necessary, using an ice pack can help.
  • Warm up, work out, and cool down. Just like the gym, we warm up the tissues, work deeper, and finish by cooling down or gently working each area.
  • Just like when you work out, you will want to breath to help the muscle respond to the massage. Breath is especially important with deeper strokes, and when working a tight spot, trigger point, or similar area of issue.